Landing Top Careers in IT – Benefits of Career Placement

Searching for a new job can be extremely frustrating. It’s rarely an easy task, no matter how qualified you are. For individuals looking for careers in IT, it can be especially difficult. The world today is driven by technology, resulting in a wide variety of skill sets the job seekers have and a wide variety of skill sets employers need. Matching up the employer’s need with the job seeker’s skill set and vice versa are key. Using a career placement service can offer an easier way to land a top job in information technology.  

Job Search Experience

Often the job market can be tough to navigate, a helping hand or market insight can be tough to come by without speaking with a recruiter who has their finger on the IT market pulse. Whether you’re just coming out of college or you’ve had the same job for a few years, you’ll want some help finding a position that fits you and that you’re qualified for.

This is where staffing firms can help. Job markets are changing all of the time. A specialized staffing expert will know exactly what is happening within the given job market. They’ll be able to guide you through the process, making sure you’re aware of changes in required skills for certain positions. With technology advancing all the time, you might not be aware of high-demand skills in a changing market, especially when it comes to careers in IT.  

Employer Insights

So you’ve had your interview and you’re feeling pretty good about it. However, you don’t get a callback. We’ve all been there; it happens. It’s one of the most frustrating parts about looking for a new job because, often (unfortunately), you won’t receive any feedback from the employer about why you didn’t get the job. However, if you use the services of a staffing firm then you’ll be privy to that type of feedback.

Staffing firms tend to work in cooperation with the same companies and hiring managers. They understand what these hiring managers like or dislike. Because of this, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what a specific employer is looking for. Without the help of staffing firms in this aspect, going to a job interview would be like playing a football game without watching game tapes of your opponent. You won’t know what to expect or how to prepare yourself. The staffing firm often has a direct line of communication to the hiring manager.

Hidden Opportunities

One of the greatest perks of using a staffing agency is that they have knowledge about job openings that are not open to public yet. Because they often collaborate with the same hiring managers, those managers trust the recruiters with confidential job opportunities. Hiring managers often go to a recruiter they trust to see if they have any candidates within their network that would be good for the position. This is much more efficient for them, rather than opening the position to all candidates on a job board and then having to go through numerous initial phone screens.

Reputable staffing agencies can find you a job with a company even when there appear to be no job openings. Staffing agencies can capitalize on the good relationships they’ve established with hiring managers by creating opportunities for you that previously did not exist. At the very least you could get an interview that will lead to an opportunity down the road.

Need help finding jobs in IT?

Finding careers in IT is difficult, considering how competitive the job market is. At MDS, our human capital management team strives to place employees in jobs that will enhance their career, as well as the overall success of the company. Since 1992, we’ve been helping businesses and employees alike find exactly what they need. To find out how we can help you with your job search, contact us today!

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