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Micro-Data Systems

Micro-Data Systems institutes a systematic approach to managing the quality and success of all of our projects.

Project-Based Solutions

You may know what you want to accomplish or what the end result should be, but do you know what resources are needed to get it done or how to go about it? 

Let MDS put together a comprehensive Project Based Solution to meet your needs.  Our high-quality, yet cost-effective Project Based Solutions are customizable to our client’s preferences as well.

We can offer hourly billing or a Fixed Price / Fixed Deliverable model for projects, as not every project can or should be done “by the hour”.

Our Project Based solutions services offer the added benefits of:

  • A dedicated project lead who serves as the single point of contact for the project and who is experienced with the client’s project methodology, services delivery model, and industry.
  • A clearly defined project scope in a statement of work, including service level agreements as well as control procedures to ensure proper change management.
  • Communication of our progress frequently and clearly, highlighting those situations that may potentially impact commitments (aka Risk Management).  MDS understands that proper communication and proactive management of all parties is critical to the success of any engagement.
  • Performance tracking and reporting metrics to enable accurate measurement of our productivity and assessment of our performance.

Micro-Data Systems has the capacity to manage these projects through our internal Project Management Office OR your organization could opt to lead the project with the MDS team supporting you.

If your organization needs a little of this and a little of that, MDS can work with you to determine and deliver exactly what you need. Whether it is technical development, strategy consulting, or architecture consulting; MDS will help to achieve your business goals.

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