Your Online Presence May Be Just as Important as Your Resume

Before conducting a job search, you put a lot of time into updating and polishing your resume before actually applying for a position. You want to be sure it’s perfect and you’re putting your best foot forward. Did you do the same with your online presence?

Not just with LinkedIN or any of the job search websites, but your social media as well. Before you even get a call to schedule an interview, prospective employers are already reviewing your online presence.

The information and the impression they gather from checking out not only your professional profile but also your personal social media profile can have a big impact on whether or not they call you for an interview or put your resume in “Do Not Consider” file. So what can you do to make your online presence shine like your resume does?

Create Your Own Website

This is often a requirement for students, especially those majoring in digital marketing. When conducting a job search, having your own website is a great tool to let people know what you are all about. Not only can you promote your professional skills but you can show a bit of your personal side by writing posts addressing business issues you are passionate about.

The act of researching and writing about those issues will not only display your passion and dedication to prospective employers, it will also aid in your personal development. In addition, your website is one part of your online presence that you can control.

Your Online Presence May Be Just as Important as Your Resume

Is Your Online Presence Important?

The traditional process of applying for jobs through newspaper ads is pretty much obsolete and applying through online postings is now the norm. Everyone is doing it, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

To get the job you really want, you are going to need to be more creative. Developing and promoting your online presence will attract employers to you and provide greater opportunities in your job search.

An online presence allows you to appear relevant. A lack of this presence can cause you to be passed over for a position you really want and are completely qualified for in favor of applicants with better online visibility. When your online presence is presented correctly, it can be extremely effective.

Your Professional Profile

Make sure all the information on your professional profile is current. If there have been new achievements or new skills mastered, make sure they are evident in your profile.

Integrate your profile across all your online networks, professional and personal. Your name should be consistent on all of them. Some people prefer to use a nickname on the personal pages such as Facebook. A nickname can seem less relatable and unprofessional than using your given name.

To make it easier for a prospective employer to find you, make your name exactly the same across all profiles.

Monitor Your Social Media Profile

Remember, when it comes to social media, it is possible for everyone to see you. You can modify your privacy settings on platforms like Facebook, but there have been glitches in these from time to time. It is best to just assume that when you are on social media, whatever you post, endorse, or comment on can be seen.

With that in mind, think before you post. Off color humor, foul language, questionable pictures from your best friend’s bachelor party and speaking poorly about a previous employer can negatively impact your online presence in respect to a job search.

Will the Resume Become Obsolete?

While it may not be obsolete yet, Dan Schawbel, a Forbes contributor, predicts your online presence will, in time, replace your resume. His estimate is ten years. Think about it, we do almost everything online today. Why wouldn’t employers search online profiles for potential employees?

Your Online Presence May Be Just as Important as Your Resume

This gives them a larger pool of candidates to choose from and the chance to learn more about them. As a result, they can be pickier when choosing someone to join their team. So yes, your online profile does matter. Don’t let yours keep you from getting a job you’ll love.

Today’s highly skilled, technology-based fields are competitive and it can help to have an edge when conducting a job search. Micro-Data Systems has decades of experience and provides staffing solutions across  IT skillsets. We’ll find the right match for your skills and place you in positions and organizations where you will thrive and grow. To find out more, feel free to reach out to us today!

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