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MDS has the ability to develop proven strategies using ITIL and industry best practices. We focus on implementing widely deployed products in a way that is cost effective for your business.

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“Businesses are changing how they engage with customers, the speed at which they deliver products and services, how they innovate, the reliability of their operations, and their overall resiliency.” – International Data Corporation (IDC)

Can you keep up?

How the world does business is constantly changing and technology is a major factor. The goal of IT is to support the business, not drive it. Don’t worry about having to pump an exorbitant amount of money into keeping up with the high paced evolution of IT. Lower your CAPEX and invest in the more agile operational IT. Your IT spend should align with the needs of your business. You don’t have to be an IT company to have state of the art technology and processes supporting your business.  We can handle that for you.

What do you need to succeed?

Develop a partner you can trust. Your provider needs to know your business and your people. They need to be a part of your everyday operations. The same processes required by your organization must be followed and enforced by your provider. Understanding your business at a comprehensive level allows us to propose new ideas to further make technology support your long term strategic goals.

Develop a hybrid eco-system strategy. No two companies are the same, however organizations today are commonly faced with decreasing resources and increasing business needs and SLAs. A hybrid eco-system is an environment that is a mix of dedicated private infrastructure and a solid cloud strategy. This hybrid environment provides a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective model for delivering IT to the business.

Set consistent standards and business processes across your enterprise and eco-system. In many industries there are common sets of security and compliance activities that need to be followed. Due diligence and a standardized approach help to ensure these measures are met. In order to be truly successful across a variety of platforms, your provider needs to understand this.

How can MDS help?

We have the ability to develop proven strategies using ITIL and industry best practices.

We implement widely deployed products in a way that is cost effective to your business!

Micro-Data Systems:

  • Has dedicated and shared space in top tier enterprise class data centers.
  • Employs enterprise class infrastructure at every level of the solution stack.
  • Leverages the software and solutions to manage the OS and all related back office tools.
  • The tools to continuously monitor and optimize the workflow and performance.
  • The ITIL standard based operations to make it all work in your hardware, our hardware, or in the cloud.
  • Leverages and incorporates your existing partners, processes, and assets as much as possible.
  • The security and recovery processes to keep it all running and safe.
  • Business Intelligence reports and data provide crucial information to successfully run your business and meet your needs.

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