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MDS has a team of certified engineers and strategic experts to help you assess, design, and acquire the most efficient IT solutions possible.


The world of IT is changing.  Simple solutions and classic three-tier architecture designs no longer fit the way we do business, the way we build IT solutions, or how modern solutions integrate with the evolving hybrid ecosystem.

Changes in cloud infrastructure, virtualization, and converged architecture are challenging us all to rethink how we solve hardware problems. Our team of certified engineers and architects have decades of experience in every major platform in the market today. We have faced countless challenges and addressed a myriad of scenarios for our customers. We’ve utilized that experience to build our own hosted systems and private cloud infrastructure. We leverage our buying power and business relationships to provide the absolute best pricing possible.

The best pricing only matters if it’s on the right solution.  A true IT solution provider knows how to assess your environment to help properly size your new solution for both technical needs and alignment with your long term business strategy. Find the right balance between CAPEX and OPEX solutions to drive revenue and innovation. From workplace services to infrastructure management, we’ll help you get up to speed on market trends and emerging business models.

MDS provides every aspect of IT solutions.  In an ever-changing landscape you need a partner who can provide hardware solutions, help you find enterprise class hosting facilities, and incorporate private and public cloud.  MDS can help you build a comprehensive management solution with advanced visibility across every aspect of your footprint.

We Offer:

  • Networking Equipment
  • Servers and Converged Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Data Storage

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