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Micro-Data Systems

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team in developing a strategy to extend the capabilities of your IT organization.

Hosting Solutions

Allow MDS to extend the capabilities of your IT organization across your critical business infrastructures and hosted environment. With access to global data centers and world class Cloud platforms, we have the infrastructure to allow your organization to address the transformation in provisioning and consumption of IT infrastructure. As your needs evolve we offer migration services to full database administration, we have a wide range of capabilities that are designed to be custom tailored to fit our client’s individual needs. Our dedicated team is trained to thoroughly analyze your needs, uncover the optimal solution to help achieve your business goals, and implement and maintain the improved system with seamless impeccability.

Services include:

Cloud Hosting

  • Host your assets in enterprise class data centers with 100% SLAs across global locations.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Services

  • High Performance, enterprise-grade virtual servers available on demand. Any combination of operating system, storage and memory. Pay as you go.

Private Cloud Services

  • Dedicated host systems for deployment of virtual servers, connected to shared storage. Hosted in enterprise data centers across the globe to address client deployment objectives.

Hybrid Cloud Services

  • Deploy your environment across our mix of colocation, Multi-Tenant and Private Cloud, allows for the evolution of your environment in line with your objectives.

Cloud Storage

  • Block Storage, File Storage, and Object Storage solutions to address the tiered storage requirements of your data.

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