Disaster Recovery – Why Your Business Needs the Cloud

It doesn’t matter what the disaster, a regional power outage, a malicious cyber attack, employee sabotage or a hardware failure. Anything that brings your business to a halt by keeping you from accessing necessary data is a disaster. It is imperative that your business has a disaster recovery plan in place.

In today’s ever-evolving IT environment, it is equally important that your company’s disaster recovery plan hasn’t become antiquated. If your existing plan is tape-based or hardware-dependent, it could be flawed as well as time and resource intensive. With the updated technology of a true cloud solution, your business can be assured of a quick and cost effective recovery.

With our reliance on technology and all the potential reasons for disaster, why wouldn’t you protect your business and utilize the best possible disaster recovery system available to do it?

Disaster Recovery - Why Your Business Needs the Cloud

Human Error

This is the reason for many mistakes, and a business IT disaster is no different. According to The IT Process Institute, 80% of unplanned outages are the result of ill-planned changes made by administrators.

In addition, the Enterprise Management Association reports that 60% of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations.

Cost Effective

Duplicate sites and multiple servers are costly ways to ensure that your business data is secure.

Virtual machines that can recover data in case of a disaster don’t involve multiple data centers, specialized software or large network connections.

Eliminating all of that makes a cloud-based disaster recovery system more efficient and cost effective.

Downtime is Expensive

Businesses with an insufficient disaster recovery plan or no plan at all are putting their organization at great risk. Businesses fail every year for a number of reasons, but excessive downtime due to a lack of proper disaster recovery shouldn’t be one of them.

Lost revenue from downtime will significantly impact your bottom line. Can your business really afford not to have a solid disaster recovery plan in place?

Stuff Happens

Face it, there are things you just can’t control. Mother Nature might decide to whip up a flood or a fire. The United Nations estimates that natural disasters have impacted the global economy to the tune of 2.5 trillion dollars since the year 2000.

Even if your business equipment is top of the line, you will probably still experience breakdowns and malfunctions. Almost all IT professionals have experienced a hardware failure at some point in time.

Some companies have been put out of business almost immediately due to a “major loss” of computer records. Don’t leave the well being of your business to chance.

Compliance and Regulations

The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey reports that 65% of businesses must produce DR reports for items such as compliance.  Disaster recovery also protects data required by HIPAA regulations regarding record keeping and BIA or Business Impact Analysis.

Protect Your Brand

You have invested a lot of time and effort into building your brand. Downtime and lost data can damage your reputation and your brand. It can also diminish your customer’s trust and result in lost revenue.

Build Customer Loyalty

When your website goes down, online shoppers will typically go elsewhere rather than wait indefinitely for your site to be back online. A survey conducted by 1&1 Internet Inc. reveals that 72% of web users report abandoning a company’s website for a competitor’s due to frustrations with the site.

Your customers expect reliable service when visiting your website. Downtime can lead them to your competitors, causing not only the loss of immediate business but possibly future business as well.

Disaster Recovery - Why Your Business Needs the Cloud

Does Your Disaster Recovery Plan Measure Up?

Now that you know just how important a solid and cost-effective disaster recovery plan is for your business, make sure your website and business data are protected.  Micro-Data Systems converges IT solutions on a custom level to ensure our clients receive the best solution or service possible for their unique needs. We offer a full line of cost-effective cloud services and premium backup solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help protect your business!


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