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Micro-Data Systems

Our Data Science Practice specializes in strategically recruiting and placing talented Big Data / Analytics professionals with cutting-edge, industry leading firms.


Our investment of time and effort over the last few years diving head first into the Data Science and Big Data space has positioned MDS as one of the clear RECRUITING leaders in this specialty.  We focus on building out Data Science & Advanced Analytics teams at industry leading, data-centric clients in Tech (Adtech, Mobile, Social, eCommerce, etc.), Financial Services (Banks, Asset Managers, Lenders, Insurance, Data Providers, etc.), and Major Mediafirms throughout the United States.  

Because we’ve been recruiting in this relatively new field longer than most staffing firms, our network and intelligence gathering within the Data Science community is second to none.  We know how to strategically recruit these folks and/or help guide “A” players to their next great gig.  This is a clear advantage of working with MDS.  It’s a VERY competitive landscape and you need a partner who knows their way around.

Positions and Roles We Fill

Data Scientists | Big Data Analysts | Data Miners & Modelers | Data Engineers | Data Visualization Developers | Machine Learning Experts | Natural Language Processing Pros | Hadoop Ecosystem Experts | Big Data Architects | Distributed Database Devs | and Functional | Real-time Software Engineers (Scala, Java, C++, Erlang, etc.)

Data Science and Analytics has Application Across All Industries


 Personalization & recommendation engines

Digital Advertising

Highly targeted, real-time, cross-device ad delivery


Customized content development for audience development and retention

Social Media

Increased site “stickiness”, user growth, ability to track fast-breaking trends based on consumer behavior and sentiment

Financial Services

Greatly improved credit scoring capabilities, fraud detection, customer acquisition/retention, risk and investment management, market sentiment analysis, etc.


Smart grid intelligence, usage efficiency and reduction of downtime

Information Security

Vastly improved intrusion and theft detection and monitoring of valuable company information and assets


Operational efficiency and massive waste reductions.  Personalization of drug therapies and treatments, enhanced early detection via genetic profiling, etc.

So How Does One Recruit  A Top Data Scientist  in Today’s Marketplace?

Our experience over the past 2 years  recruiting in the field is that there is a clear shortage of talented people who have ALL FOUR of the desired skills and experience most hiring managers want: (1) an exceptional math and statistics mind, (2) experience with the latest open source big data frameworks and programming languages, (3) on-the-job experience within a particular business sector or business-line (domain experience), and (4) the ability to communicate their ideas effectively to the internal and/or external decision makers in order to get things built and generating cash flow.

Given the challenging environment to hire the right people for your Data Science Team that also jive with your culture, one needs to come with a well-defined strategy and tactical approach to hiring these stars of the industry. It’s the “A” players that can often determine success or failure of your business endeavor. We can help.

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