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Your data center is now the center of everything you do. Smart technology. Big data. Mobile applications. Real-time analytics. Cloud Consumption Models. It’s time to ensure your data center is ready. To enable the business outcomes and innovation you need to get the most out the connected world.

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App Migration

Moving applications and services between data centers aligns with business growth enablement and data center capacity and resiliency goals. Watch Now

ESG Microsoft SQL Server on Cisco UCS

We’re experiencing a disruptive period of data transformation―and managing today’s database infrastructures  during this disruptive period is not only critically important. Download Now

5 Reasons Cisco UCS is the Best Choice When Migrating Applications

It’s understandable to be risk averse when making major IT decisions with critical business impact. When you make these kinds of decisions―such as whether or not to change server vendors when migrating applications― you need to be confident that the benefits of the new solution are worth the risk. Download

5 Ways Microsoft Applications Run Better with Cisco UCS

Many companies have been trying to implement virtualization and cloud computing initiatives but have been unable to do so. To help businesses finally get over the hump, Cisco has teamed up with Microsoft to make IT infrastructure more agile, simpler, and more efficient. Download Now

5 Ways Applications Perform Better on Cisco UCS

Applications that run in the data center are essential and power incredible new opportunities in the Internet of Everything (IoE). Yet as demand for these applications grows, IT is often held back by disconnected technology silos and overwhelming complexity. Here are five ways that the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) addresses these challenges with the radically simplified Cisco UCS servers. Download Now