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With more companies utilizing big data systems than ever before, the need for reliable cyber security services increases. If your business requires the storage of large amounts of sensitive information, you need to ensure that you are properly safeguarding your network. Cyber security services will assess, test, and audit your network routinely to ensure that you’re not leaving your business vulnerable.

Big Data is Volume Dense

Big data is used frequently in many business’ networks. It’s a term used to describe a large set of data that is filtered and analyzed for behavioral patterns and trends. It’s synonymous with a very high volume of information. Big data is great in terms of analytics because it allows businesses to notice trends and use that information to better serve their consumer. However, because big data systems store such a large amount of sensitive information, simple security systems typically don’t provide enough protection.

cyber security services

According to Computer World, a mid-size company with 20,000 devices on the network needs to be able to scan about 5 gigabits of data every second in order to detect potential security threats. However, it’s not cost effective for many small to mid-size companies to hire their own dedicated IT staff.

Outsourcing to cyber security services can help alleviate that stress, and help safeguard the company’s information. IT and cyber security companies have the staffing and technology needed to quickly and efficiently scan high volumes of data for potential threats or security risks.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Cyber security services also provide your business the capability of being proactive to a potential threat, as opposed to being reactive to a problem after it presents itself. They routinely scan the data systems, run audits, and assess security. They detect the weak spots in the barricade and reinforce them. For example, cyber security services for an eCommerce website may notice that there is a glitch on the checkout page of the website, causing it to be unsecured. They can notify you of this issue and resolve it before a customer places an order.

This pro-activity means businesses are not caught off guard and left to clean up the mess after a cyber attack. If your network handles and stores a large amount of information, it can be a tempting target for cyber criminals. Despite usually high amounts of security surrounding big data, hackers will be persistent because the payoff is so high. Even five minutes of access to a big data set can provide the sensitive information of hundreds or even thousands of clients.

cyber security services

Beef Up Your Defense

In order to help build your network security, employ company-wide security practices and policies to protect information. Secure your network with firewalls and make sure information is encrypted. Ensure that all pages of your website are secure, not just the sign-up or checkout. Educate employees in safe online practices and cyber security, and hold them accountable to the policies and procedures. Make sure all employees use long, complicated passwords or utilize one of the password management tools available online.

In most cases, cyber security is overwhelming for a business to handle on its own. Outsourcing cyber security services is often the best option. Many IT companies offer managed services, where you can outsource your network’s maintenance to them for a monthly or yearly fee. Managed cyber security services are often a good option for small to mid-size businesses who don’t have the resources to keep a dedicated IT staff on payroll. These services ensure that your IT is being managed proactively, and they can prevent problems before they occur.

Micro-Data Systems – Your Cyber Security Services Solution

Proficient cyber security requires investment of training and finances in advanced technologies. Many companies simply can’t afford to devote the adequate resources to it. Rather than leave your data vulnerable, look to the proven cyber security services of Micro-Data Systems. We offer a variety of managed services that will safeguard your network. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business function safely and more efficiently.

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