Cloud/Hybrid Eco-System Based Services at

Micro-Data Systems

At MDS we provide cloud-based services to our small to mid -sized clients.

Cloud Based Services

Cloud based systems are particularly valuable to small and mid-tier companies who have smaller IT departments that are already over allocated to keeping the key systems running smoothly. The cloud-based nature allows for continuous delivery of new enhancements.

Businesses are rapidly moving to cloud hosting as it does away with the hassles of local server maintenance (as well as the associated costs), space management, and certain security concerns.

Micro-Data Systems’ Cloud Based Services provides: the servers, storage, and networking required to make remote computing (data backup, data storage, back-office applications) or hosted email successful. 

Budgeting for these services is predictable and manageable due to our competitive subscription based pricing options. There’s no upfront cost! We have the infrastructure in-place already! Leverage our resources to build your company’s revenue.

Utilizing standardized services can significantly reduce issues and defects. This increases business continuity and reduces the time spent on operational issues, allowing you to focus more on the things that matter.  

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