Cloud Computing at

Micro-Data Systems

Colocate your IT infrastructure in one or more of MDS’s accessible data centers worldwide.  


There are a variety of Colocation Service options available to meet our client’s server and networking equipment needs. Our solutions provide 24×7 support including conditioned power, cooling, fire suppression, controlled access and onsite support. Cloud Computing includes space, power, power strips, racks and cabinets.

Data Center Locations

CANADA (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)
ASIA PACIFIC (Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong)
EUROPE (UK, Frankfurt) 

Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting services provide clients with the capability of deploying workloads in multi-tenant, private or hybrid platforms. Available in data centers across the globe to address geographic application deployment requirements.
  • Cloud Hosting Services are available in a variety of options to meet the unique workloads of each cloud computing client.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Services

  • Provide for ‘pay as you go’ access to infrastructure. High performance environment with enterprise level security, SLAs, and Automated Disaster Recovery.

Private Cloud Services

  • Provide for dedicated host servers deployed within highly secure data centers, providing dedicated compute capacity with scalable storage access.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

  • Provide the opportunity to utilize multiple cloud and colocation services to address organizations technology requirements with a single provider.

Cloud Storage

  • Provides for access to SAN, NAS and Object based storage to address unique data requirements.

Managed Services

Managed Hosting Services provide clients with server hardware hosted in our secure data centers. Our solution provides power and cooling to the servers and manages the operating systems on the server (Windows/Linux). Managed Hosting Services are designed to address the unique needs of each client. Fully Managed Services include hardware, operating system software licenses, hosting of the server and complete hardware / operating system monitoring and management. Flexible options include: monitoring/management of the hardware only, while the client is responsible for all other management/monitoring. 

Backup Solutions

Micro Data Systems Remote Data Backup is a powerful and easy-to-use solution designed to provide data protection to all businesses.  The automated service is built around a client software program, the RDB-Client, which runs on a schedule, typically once a day. This program identifies new or changed data for backup, and then compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the Micro Data Systems Inc. data vault.

Remote Data Backup is a “next-generation” online data backup and recovery service that is now available to all segments of the business community. Our online backup service eliminates the need for any equipment purchases or license fees. You simply pay for the space used to store your data.

Micro Data Systems Inc. is committed to delivering superior backup and restore services with the highest levels of security and encryption. We offer some of the highest encryption options in the industry. In addition, our secure data vaults are housed in premier collocation facilities which maintain 99.999% power and internet bandwidth availability. By eliminating your risk, Micro Data Systems Inc. guarantees you the best online backup service available.

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